Summer in Saxony

Summer in Saxony

In addition to top-class art and culture, magnificent castles and world-famous traditional crafts, Saxony also convinces its visitors with its massive rock worlds, restful seascapes and white sand beaches. Anyone who embarks on mountain tours in the Vogtland, in the Ore Mountains, in the Zittau Mountains and in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, or explores the banks of the Elbe, Spree, Neisse and Mulde rivers, is in for a rapture. Whether you are cycling, hiking or simply going for a walk, a dinghy tour or a climbing adventure - for active holidaymakers in many places in Saxony enjoy worlds. Scenic perfection such as in the rock world of Saxon Switzerland is paired with cultural diversity and culinary experiences.

Water adventure and beach holiday in the Leipziger Neuseenland
The traces of lignite mining once shaped the landscape in and around Leipzig. Gradually, the former open pit holes now give way to attractive recreational and recreational landscapes. At over 20 lakes, visitors and locals alike enjoy the sun on the sandy beach and use the newly created water to cool down as well as for water sports.

Summer in Saxony

On the waterway, the Cospudener Lake is connected to the city of Leipzig. The lake with the longest sandy beach in Saxony is one of the most popular swimming lakes in the Leipzig region. As here, many lakes are now attracting people seeking relaxation in Leipzig and tourists: Zwenkauer See, Markkleeberger See with the canoe park Markkleeberg, one of the most modern whitewater facilities in the world, Kulkwitzer See, Lake Schladitzer, Hainer See and others. While sailing and boating is possible on almost all lakes, divers will explore the underwater world of Kulkwitzer See on the western outskirts of Leipzig and those who would like to try out all kinds of water sports will visit Lake Schladitzer.

The wide range of water sports is complemented by nature trails, shore trails, cycling and hiking trails. The Neuseenlandradroute leads past many of the lakes and grants cyclists wonderful views of the newly created natural landscape.

Highest wine enjoyment in the Dresden Elbland
One of the smallest contiguous wine-growing regions and the north-easternmost of Germany nestles on the hills of the Elbland. For 850 years, high-quality wine has been cultivated here, with which every drop the passion of the Saxon winemakers is to be tasted. Those who want to taste the variety of local wines, walk along the paths of the Saxon Wine Trail from Pirna to Dresden and continue to Diessbar Seußlitz and convinced of the numerous milestones of the high quality and hospitality.

Water sports enthusiasts will find a wet adventure on the second largest river in Germany that will be remembered. Steep sandstone cliffs and mighty table mountains as well as cultural highlights such as the Semperoper, Zwinger and Hartenfels Castle are waiting to be discovered by cyclists along the Elbe Cycle Route.

Exciting relaxation in the Ore Mountains
Action and recreation can be so close to each other - for example in the Erzgebirge. The Stoneman-Miriquidi route, which is unique in Germany, connects two countries, nine summits and 4400 vertical meters in the deep forests of the Erzgebirge. Other popular destinations among mountain bikers in the Erzgebirge are the TrailCenter Rabenberg - Germany's first singletrack park, the biking area around the Fichtelberg and the Miriquidi Bike Trails.

Summer in Saxony

Get in and out on the excellent quality hiking trail Kammweg Erzgebirge-Vogtland. In the Erzgebirge and Vogtland hikers will find their paradise. Natural woody landscapes, romantic river valleys and views of up to 1215 meters altitude guarantee relaxation and unforgettable experiences.

Upper Lusatia: mountain and lake country very close to each other
Upper Lusatia, with its rolling hills, the Lusatian Lakeland and the smallest mountain range in Germany, the Zittau Mountains, is a paradise for active vacationers. Whether surfing on the Olbersdorfer lake, dinghy or canoe trip on the Neisse, jet skiing on the Geierswalder lake, diving or swimming, here is guaranteed adventure.

Summer in Saxony

The ultimate adrenalin kick will not be lacking on the XTERRA MTB Trail. From bathing lake to mountain summit, through the labyrinth of sandstone and forest, he offers mountain bike feeling in all its facets. Highlight is the O-SEE-CHALLENGE in August. Around 1,000 athletes will be demonstrating their skills on 36 kilometers through the Zittauer Gebirge Nature Park.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the picturesque landscape, follow the quality hiking trail Oberlausitzer Bergweg through the southeastern tip of Saxony. The route leads through the diverse Upper Lusatian mountains, past granite ridges, volcanic crests and striking sandstone mountains. Visiting the picturesque villages means experiencing the traditions of this region up close and marveling at the unique Oberlausitzer Umgebindehäuser.

Artistic masterpieces in Saxon Switzerland
The most beautiful paintings were painted by nature in Saxon Switzerland. A tour through the unspoiled national park in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is like walking through a huge, three-dimensional painting. Numerous artists followed the routes of the Malerweg and were inspired by sandstone needles and rock reefs, beech forests and torrents to new works of art.

Vogtland: discovery trip with music in the ear
Nature sets the tone on the Vogtland Panorama Trail. If you follow the paths, you will experience Germany's unique art of traditional instrument making up close. On 225 kilometers it goes across the Vogtland, past the Saxon state baths Bad Elster and Bad Brambach, the birthplace of the first German astronaut, Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz and the beer village Wernesgrün.

The Vogtland thrilled next to hikers and the MTB fans. In the bike world Schöneck no mountain biker wish remains open. With Velosolutions from Switzerland and Diddie Schneider, two of the world's most renowned trail construction companies conjured up a diverse range of stretch products. The bike park in the Bike World Schöneck offers 34 jumps on the well 1,300 m long Jumptrail, the bobsleigh similar flow trail and another 3 top tracks and a MTB practice track with pump track, steep curves, jumps, battery - all in different heights, widths and difficulty levels MTB adrenaline adventure in a class of its own. MTB and touring cyclists, who want to explore the upper Vogtland from / to Schoeneck, can choose from 9 signposted round trips of the approximately 260 km MTB and cycling network of the Bike World Schoeneck.

Following the hollow through the region Chemnitz Zwickau
The Zwickauer Mulde springs in the Vogtland and passes both the original Erzgebirge, as well as their eponymous Zwickau, before she gently makes her way to Sermuth.

The tour starts in Schöneck, the highest town in the Vogtlandkreis. First, the trail leads up to 784 meters above zero, after which it snakes into the Auer basin. On the entire section there are always opportunities to enjoy a magnificent panoramic view over the Vogtland and Ore Mountains.

Well-developed roads make it easier to enjoy the section from Aue to Zwickau, which mostly leads through shady forests and is characterized by a constant ups and downs.

Relaxed driving, however, can be found on the section between Zwickau and Glauchau. Straight way he runs through the Muldeauen, so that one can let the passing landscape work on itself. 

Summer in Saxony

The penultimate stage has it all again: two climbs await the cyclist in front of the cities of Penig and Wechselburg, but reward the inner cities all the more the effort. Explore what's going on with the big pot at Penig and explore the baroque palace in Wechselburg. On the way they drive through fields and under the impressive Göhrener viaduct.

The last route to Sermuth leads on well-developed sections in the direction of Muldevereinigung. On the way, the castle in Rochlitz offers an outstanding view over the Muldetal, but also the internationally known Colditz Castle is worth a detour.

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