Slow Down - Deceleration in Finland

Slow Down - Deceleration in Finland

Stress has no chance in Finland. Between the endless green forests and the more than 180,000 crystal-clear lakes, both body and soul find the deserved rest. Do it to the Finns and spend your vacation time in the summer house. Discover wild animals during your forays through the unspoiled nature, let yourself be pampered with regional specialties and feel the cleansing effect of the Finnish sauna!

Where Do You Want To Travel?

In the land of a thousand lakes?
The region in the southeast of Finland offers plenty of recreational opportunities between lakes, rivers, islands and forests. May it be a visit to the lake sauna? An extended bike ride along the more than 100 km long shoreline? Or you just come for swimming, fishing and boating: the Finnish Lake District is a unique destination.

Where does the land touch the sea? 
The largest archipelago in the world extends in front of the Finnish coastline. The rough, maritime landscape contrasts well with the lively coastal towns and the relaxed way of life of the archipelago. Of course, during a tour along the coast, a visit to a lighthouse should not be missed!

In the far north? 
The almost untouched nature of Lapland enchants outdoor athletes and nature lovers alike. The wide mountain landscape is pampered around the clock by soft sunlight during the summer months - ideal conditions for exploring one of Europe's loneliest regions up close. 

Get Outside!
A holiday in Finland is your ticket to the outdoors. The high-contrast country in northern Europe gets under your skin - when you lean against the sea breeze on wind-torn shores, feel the silence in endless forests, dive into a crystal-clear lake in the cool waters and head off into the fells for the traces of wildlife.

In the wilderness
Winding trails lead hikers through the lonely Finland countryside. You will discover the wooded south with its many lakes and campfire sites. Deep ravines and silent river valleys are also on your way.

Slow Down - Deceleration in Finland

Or you visit the rugged and wind-torn landscape in the lonely north. There you can walk for days without meeting other people. 

Finland on two wheels
On two wheels you can see much more of the wonderful landscape than on foot. Some of the best-known and most-traveled cycling routes criss-cross the Finnish Lake District. 

Finland on two wheels

In the Syöte National Park mountain bikers feel comfortable. Finland's southernmost mountainous region offers many promising trails and is home to the country's largest MTB event.

A labyrinth of waterways
The enchanting coastline of the Finnish archipelago, the intricate labyrinth of lakes, rivers and canals on the Lake District: Finland is ideal for water sports enthusiasts in canoe or kayak.

A labyrinth of waterways

No matter if you start with your own equipment or have never been on the water before - you instantly get infected by this lifestyle!

Overnight In Finland

Sokos Hotels
Sokos Hotels has been voted the most responsible and reliable hotel chain in Finland for several consecutive years. The 50 houses offer their guests a unique hotel experience in three different categories:

Original hotels are known for their warm service and central location. Break hotels offer a relaxing break from everyday life. The high quality of the unique Solo Hotels is reflected in both service and hotel amenities.

Lapland hotels
The versatile accommodations of Lapland Hotels offer classic hotel rooms as well as apartments of different sizes. Many houses of the famous chain can be found - as the name implies - in Lapland, for example in Levi, Ylläs, Rovaniemi, Pallas and Luosto. But also in the Finnish cities of Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and Kuopio, Lapland hotels have meanwhile made a name for themselves.

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