Hikes in Norway

Hikes in Norway

In Norway, Wanderer expects a wild and original nature with challenging paths and paths. The diverse landscape stretches from white beaches and blue glacial lakes to dense forests where only one's own breath can be heard, and endless boulders to rugged peaks. Mountain rivers and waterfalls are always on the way and the view extends far beyond the fjords to the coast.

Arrival by Fjord Line
Norway can be reached particularly well with a ferry of the shipping line Fjord Line. Relaxed it goes from Denmark to Bergen or Stavanger. Start of the ferry trip is in the Danish Hirtshals. From here it goes every day at 20 clock to Fjord Norway, where the tourists arrived rested. The return journey with Fjord Line starts in the afternoon in Bergen and in Stavanger in the evening.

Especially fast is the hiker with the catamaran ferry "HSC Fjord Cat" to his holiday destination. In just 2 hours and 15 minutes, the Fjord Line ferry shuttles between Hirtshals in Denmark and Kristiansand in Norway from April to September, up to three times a day. Langesund is also served daily by Fjord Line. As a gateway to Telemark and Eastern Norway and less than 2 hours drive from Oslo, Langesund is the ideal base for a holiday in Norway.

On the trip with the MS Bergensfjord and the MS Stavangerfjord you can enjoy the view of the Norwegian coast from the large sundeck or from the Fjord Lounge and plan the last details of the tours. The first tour starts right in Bergen, before going further into the country's hiking diversity.

In the north of Norway and the Lofoten on the way
Lofoten shows the diversity of the Norwegian natural landscape. Green meadows and sparse birch forests can be found as well as rugged mountain ranges and bizarre rock formations. On the way adventures can be experienced and also one or the other climbing part lies on some ways. One of the most famous postcard motifs can be found on the Rhine and one of the most beautiful coastline is at Uttakleiv. Especially in the summer, the fjords, mountains, plateaus and countless islands can be admired, because then it is consistently bright in the north of the country.

The national park Jotunheimen
The name already indicates what hikers are looking for in the Jotunheimen National Park: the word "jotar" means mountain giants. And you can find them here: jagged, wild and alpine peaks. The highest mountains in Norway and northern Europe's highest peak, the Galdhøpiggen, are located in the area. In the Breheimen glacier region west of the National Park, Europe's largest mainland glacier awaits you alongside many smaller glaciers with the Jostedalsbreen.

Traveling in Southern Norway
In the south of Norway you walk between the fjords or explore the beautiful hinterland of Stavanger. The gently rounded hills impress with all vegetation zones. Rough peaks and a beautiful nature convince hikers for the Ryfylkeheiane region. With the Hardangervidda, Europe's largest contiguous plateau awaits nature lovers. Wild reindeer can be spotted here. Gentle valleys, forests and mountains as well as beautiful coastal paths lure into the surroundings of Telemark.

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