Cycling and biking in the Obergoms

Cycling and biking in the Obergoms

Along cool rivers or far up into the mountains - in Obergoms, which lies in the southwest of Switzerland in the canton of Valais, it's great to biking. While leisure cyclists feel comfortable on easy paths through which valleys pass, mountain bikers enjoy paths with views of famous mountain giants.

Cycling and getting to know old Valais mountain villages or enjoying the view of the famous Matterhorn while mountain biking - this is possible in Obergoms. The athletes are accompanied on their tours of the beautiful, natural cultural landscape with larch forests, alpine pastures and the wild side valleys of the upper Rhone Valley.

With the mountain bike in the Swiss mountains
Crisp ascents and wide views guarantee the mountain bike tours in the Obergoms. On the  bike tour Gämschfax  athletic cyclists overcome 30 km and 1000 vertical meters. On the mountain trail above Obergesteln you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the snow-capped peaks of the surrounding mountains.

With equally impressive views, the  Biketour Galmihornhütte lures . Here it is nearly 24 km and 1100 meters to overcome. However, the round compensates generously for every effort: the mountain bikers cycle here with a view down into the Blinnen- and Rhone Valley and panoramic views of the Weisshorn, the Galenstock and the famous Matterhorn.

Cozy along the young Rhone
Particularly suitable for families and leisure cyclists is the  Rottenweg  along the young Rhone. At 25 km, the Obergoms can be "experienced" between Oberwald and Ernen. The leisurely route along the river is also popular with cyclists who have made a multi-day tour. For example, the Rhone Route can be   started in the Obergoms, which leads to Geneva, which is about 300 km away.

Cultural treasures along the way
Depending on which of the two routes cyclists choose, they discover different cultural treasures along the way. On the Rottenweg enchant, for example, old Valais villages like Reckingen , which invites also with its swimming pool and the miniature golf course for a break or Niederwald , the village in which the hotel pioneer Caesar Ritz was born.

If you follow the Rhone Route even further, you can discover the many attractions of Valais: such as the Twingi Gorge at Fiesch, the Stockalper Palace and the Swiss Guards Museum in Brig and later the castles Valère and Tourbillon.

Kulinarische Entdeckungstour im Goms
Drive relaxed through the picturesque landscape and return to selected restaurants in the mountain village of Goms. Treat your palate with culinary delicacies from the region after every stage, in line with the philosophy of the hotelier king Caesar Ritz from Niederwald.

The tour runs on the Rottenweg with detours to the respective restaurants and can be undertaken by bike, bicycle or e-bike.

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